Mayor to join Mathews Co. in touting Buchanan Point

02/25/2013 -

From the Nashville Business Journal:

Mayor to join Mathews Co. in touting

Buchanan Point

Nashville Business Journal - by Dan Hieb and Eric Snyder, Staff Writers

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:25pm CDT

The Mathews Co. will detail its plans Friday for Buchanan Point, a 180-acre site near Nashville International Airport.

Bert Mathews, president of The Mathews Co., hopes to turn the land into a magnet for corporate offices. He said the land could hold 2.7 million square feet of office and mixed- use space, but Mathews told the Nashville Business Journal that no companies have currently contracted for space.

Still, Mathews will be joined by Mayor Karl Dean and Ralph Schulz, president of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, on Friday to tout the property’s potential. A news release previewing the event notes "the site’s extraordinary attributes, such as its size, location inside Davidson County, and proximity to downtown and Nashville International Airport."

Among the details included in a Mathews Co. fact sheet for the project:

� A total development potential of $540 million.

� The potential to bring 13,500 jobs to Davidson County.

� More than half a million people live within a 15-mile drive of the site, including nearly 205,000 who are college-educated.

� Infrastructure is ready and the project has been approved by neighbors and Metro Council.

� The property is seven miles from downtown Nashville and one mile from the airport.

� Its boundaries are defined by Interstate 40 to the south, Elm Hill Pike to the west and McCrory Creek Road to the north and east.

The event will be held at 953 McCrory Creek Road.


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