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The Mathews name has been synonymous with quality real estate projects for nearly 70 years. Robert C.H. Mathews Sr. founded R.C. Mathews Contractor in 1938, and in 1951, his son Robert C.H. "Bob" Mathews Jr. joined the company.

Over its first four decades, The Mathews Company established a reputation for integrity and success.

In the early 1980s, Bob Mathews' two sons, Bert and Walker, joined the company. At that time, the company's brokerage, property management and development services were separated from the construction company, which retained the original name of the company. The new company was called The Mathews Company.

In early 2000, the commercial brokerage operations merged with NAI Taylor-Vaughn Green and formed NAI Mathews Partners. In 2010, The Mathews Company and NAI Nashville joined the Colliers International family as Colliers International Nashville to provide that local strength in the Middle Tennessee market.

In June of 2008, Bob Mathews passed away, leaving behind a legacy of projects that shaped the character of Nashville, the city he loved. He will be remembered for his dedication and service to numerous local, regional and national organizations. Mathews embraced change while honoring tradition, a balance that enabled him to help transform the Nashville community.

Today, the family-owned and -operated business continues with three distinct, innovative companies under the Mathews umbrella. Each has its own professionals, specialists, clients and service areas. Walker Mathews is president of R.C. Mathews Contractor, and Bert Mathews is president of The Mathews Company and a partner at Colliers Internationial | Nashville.

The Mathews Company Timeline

- 1938 - R.C. Mathews Contractor is founded.
- 1951 - R.C. (Bob) Mathews Jr. joins the company.
- 1970s - Bob Mathews acquires land that will become MetroCenter.
- R.C. Mathews Contractor acquires property on Second Avenue with the vision of downtown loft living. This dream would become realized with the Lofts at 160 in 2005.
- 1980s - Brokerage, property management and development services from the construction company form The Mathews Company.
- The Mathews Company assembles parcels of land that will be sold for the development of the BellSouth Building.
- The Mathews Company develops One Nashville Place,
a 23-story office tower in downtown Nashville.
- 1990s - Robert C.H. (Bert) Mathews III is named president of The Mathews Company.
- The Nashville Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency hires The Mathews Company to sell off excess land purchased for the Nashville Arena. Sales included the land for the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Hilton.
- The Mathews Company develops Baker Donelson Center, downtown Nashville's first new office building in 15 years.
- 2000s - The Mathews Company opens two downtown residential rental lofts.
- 2010s - The Mathews Company announces Buchanan Point is ready to build.


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